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i must share my high off of sales and clearance…

Amazon Reviewer

I just recently signed up to be a reviewer through many different websites! I could not believe this actually existed! I have received over 100 items in less than a month to review on

Check out the website:

Also, please use this link to shop through Amazon:

I will be posting links to my Youtube channel and other social media websites so you can learn too!  Below is just a few items I recently received! Yay for free or low cost items! 🙂



Credit Cards

I cannot believe I am even writing about credit cards.  But I do find some cards have benefits. I have had (not necessarily used) credit cards since I was 19 years old. I knew these companies were just trying to collect interest and HATED them! Believe it or not, I have not swiped my “debit” in the past year. I get cash back rewards on every single purchase on my cards and plenty of coupons via mail and email for the stores cards.

*Here is how I determine whether a card is best for me:

Store Cards

  1. A nearby store is located near my residences
  2. Always have a clearance section or sales
  3. Able to pay off what I have spent in less than a month
  4. Sends coupons and rewards

Major Financial Companies

  1. Cash back rewards
  2. Third party vendor coupons
  3. Able to pay off what I have spent in less than a month

*I am not a financial advisor; this is my personal preference and how I determine my very own finances.

DIY for cheaper!

The average for once a month hair removal in New York for waxing is over $100 (brazilian, half leg, half arm, and under arm). I have never been the type to wax, but once I tried it, I became addicted. As a budgeting mother, how can i afford to groom myself and provide for a family!? I watched countless YouTube videos on at home waxing kits, and there are non-professionals who give themselves wax jobs all the time in the comfort of their own home. It was time to invest in a decent waxing kit. I was researching reviews on each product I bought to make sure this DIY project was going to be a long term investment.

Here is what I needed:

GiGi Brazilian Wax Kit -$40.46 including shipping
Gigi Mini Muslin Strips – $4.99 bought at local beauty supply store
Gigi Creme Wax – $12.00 bought at local beauty supply store
Muslin Roll – $12.95
Paper Wax Cloth Strips – $2.65
Craft Sticks – $4.30 local craft store; you can buy these way cheaper at the dollar store!

My total for everything came out to about $85. If I wax everything I listed above ONCE, I have already got all my money’s worth! Waxing can be messy, time consuming, etc, but once I got the hang of it, I could not go back to a salon.



Sally’s Beauty Supply store has 50% OFF their clearance! Unfortunately there is NO SALLYS IN MANHATTAN! 😦

But… this sale applies online and in-stores! The sale is good from 10/03/14 – 10/05/14. Your best bet is to go online NOW and rack up (make sure you have over $50 for free shipping) I got the email this morning, and already put in an order before lunch!

Check it out, you never know what you will find, I absolutely cannot wait until I put my order up when I receive my stuff!


birthday anticipation!

Aaliyah’s birthday is not until the very end of November! But I asked her a few weeks ago if she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday. Now she tells everybody that she is having one. So our mind is set! I always like to shop ahead of time so I am not spending all my money at once. One of my favorites is an unexpected sale in a random store. I told my boss I needed to take a walk because I was not feeling so good. I walked into a Staples, (and of course!) a UNDER $2 CLEARANCE with Hello Kitty stuff on it. I asked the cashier if she could check the price for each item, she said they are ringing up at $1! Sure enough I grabbed EVERYTHING!

But that’s not even the exciting part… most of the smaller items came out to $0.50!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I pass up this sale, the manager said hold on… I HAVE MORE STUFF IN THE BACK! He brought out a whole box!

I plan ahead not only for her birthday, but for other birthdays or Christmas gifts. It saves you the heartbreaking outrageous totals if you shop ALL AT ONCE! This is one of the reasons I shop all year, you will never catch me out on a Black Friday!



The Bare Minimum

The stores really get you when they do the cash back on your next shopping trip.

My order from Gap in a recent blog post, I tried my very best to make around $100 so I can maximize my savings. If you think about it in math terms: the bigger the denominator, the smaller the percentage. On top of the deal I got, GAP CASH! Every $50 you spent, you can get $25 on a later purchase. I took advantage of that Gap Cash this week.

When I need to make a certain minimum (in this case $100), I will add EVERYTHING I want to my cart. I mentioned before, I really have to like or need something for me to exceed my maximums. I add items for $3 to over $20. I ALWAYS STICK IN THE SALE SECTION! I AM NEVER A FAN OF OVERPRICED “NEW STYLES”. Once I went through all sale sections and am ready to check out my total was over $275. No way in hell I will be spending that kind of money in one shopping trip!  I start deleting items, asking myself if I want to spend that money on the item? what clothing will she need for this upcoming season? how long do I think this will fit her for? Is this her true size, or just on sale?

My receipt


57.93/107.93 = 53.7% savings!

Jacket – $11.80

Jeans – $8.05

Dress – $11.27 (loveeeedddd this one!)

Jeans – $8.05

Long Sleeve Shirt – $5.36

Dress – $9.12

Jeans – $4.29

All of these items are needed for Aaliyah for this upcoming fall! There are clothes for the next season in sale sections!


I got an email from The Children’s Place this morning! Ignore the 50% off sign. In red (at the bottom) they are having $1.99 clearance. I would take FULL advantage of this. I did notice that at stores like Children’s Place sell their items cheap, BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAP! I would not pay for a full priced item at this store. I usually buy a bulk of T Shirts in at least two sizes bigger than what Aaliyah wears now. These clothes shrink and don’t last forever! Happy Momma!

My Limitations

I know I shop a lot since I got my first job at 16 years old. That’s never been any new news to me. But i do set my limits. When I set my limits I ask myself how much I want to spend on a specific item.


  • Dresses – under $20
  • Tops – under $12
  • Slacks/Jeans – under $15
  • Leggings (I buy a lot!) – under $10

My Daughter

  • Dresses – under $10
  • Tops – under $5
  • Pants/Jeans – under $8
  • Leggings – under $4
  • Sweaters – about $5-$10
  • Jackets (winter and spring) – under $20

These prices are doable! I really have to LOVE something for me to go over these price ranges. I always ask myself do we need this? What can we wear this with? Will it fit Aaliyah if it is an end of season sale next year? Kids grow right before our eyes, so why do we spend the money for a regular priced item?

I am not a name brand momma. But I do like to splurge on some items. Last week I received an email from Gap (knowing I never shop there). $45 off your $100 purchase (they were celebrating their 45th birthday). I looked at it as 45% off because i refused to spend a dollar over 100 (alright I spend $106; that makes it 43% off). Here is my receipt…


If you do the math this is approximately how much I paid for each GAP item.  Still within my limits (with the exception of one item I had to add to make my purchase over $100) You can’t get this deal anywhere else!!!

Romper – $5.69
Jeans – $8.54
Jeans – $7.40
Jeans – $7.40
Sweatpants – $7.97
Logo Hoodie – $8.54
Jean Shorts – $7.97
T Shirt – $6.83

60% Off Markdowns

I have been putting a million orders online from different stores. One of my favorite things about some stores is the FREE ship to store option. It is not easy shopping online when you are one that needs to try things on before you buy. This will give you the opportunity to not worry wasting money or time. I ordered a few items online from Kmart to the store. I could not help but walk through the store after i picked up my stuff. Online shopping is great, but in store markdowns are better!

I walked to the kids section and saw signs everywhere “CLEARANCE EXTRA 60% OFF”

Here is a preview of my receipt:


I got 3 bathing suits (Aaliyah likes swimming all year long, so these sizes vary), a pair of jeans (in preparation for winter), 10 t shirts (different sizes; she can also wear these all year long until she grows out of them), and a pack of underwear for less than $40. All of these items were under $5 each.

Aaliyah loved every single item I bought her, and she could not help but try on everything. Her smiles make me smile ten times more.

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